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Coaching staff of the Russian national diving team take on the juniors.

Our leading divers actively prepare for the new season in Penza. Not only the members of the main national women and men diving team took part in the training camp but also the youth team. “All the athletes are in good stamina”, - reported Oleg Zaitsev, the head coach of the national team.

“The following year will be very difficult and in many ways fundamental, - says Oleg Zaitsev, - “We need to select the juniors which will make the main core of the Olympic team in London-2012. This is one of the main goals of the national team. It is important to pass this transition period as quickly as possible in order to form new synchro pairs, to select the individuals who will be able to compete with the present leaders. Among the experienced ones are only Evgeny Kuznetsov, Ilya Zakharov, Oleg Vikulov, Konstantin Khanbekov and Tatyana Perunina. While the rest divers – Dmitry Sautin, Alexandr and Dmitry Dobroskok, Gleb Galperin are training individually. Now we look at the youth, give them individual training plans and then analyze the results during the upcoming tournaments”.

As the head coach says, the coaching staff is working in developing the present combination of pairs in synchro. It includes the trials of Kolunina in pair with Perunina, not Goncharova, and young Poluyanova Maria. And the coaches will choose the best combination from these 3 divers.
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